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TriState Moving and Storage – Movers and Packers Washington Dc

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    Elizabeth Shelley
    April 12, 2021

    I did not receive an email confirmation with a cancelation policy, and/or contact information or confirmation number. I attempted to search them after my initial contact but was unable to find their number. Because I did not receive an email, I had to call every moving company that I could find online, but was unsuccessful. My move date was postponed and I was unable to cancel my date. The only email I received was 24 hours before, well past the 72 hour cancelation time period. They charged me $350.00 and overdrafed my account. Manager "Scott" told me that it was "not their problem." And "yeah, you'll have to sue me. " Manager "Scott" simply stonewalled me, was rude and domineering on the phone. I would tell everyone to avoid this toxic business. I will be visiting the better business bureau after this review and contacting a small claims lawyer. Avoid this company so that you don't wind up in my position. Empty bank account with all my boxes packed.

    Kelvin Ray
    December 02, 2020

    I use there services twice in one month. The first move went beautiful. The 2nd move was horrible. I would have been better off renting a truck myself and go grab some people off the corner. The crew showed up late and not ready to work. The driver was smelling like Alcohol. I called the office to complain and they could care less. When they arrived I pointed out what needed to go but they were to busy looking thru my pile in the garage that was being trashed. I said to them I’m paying you by the hour not by the move they could careless. The sad thing is i told them I would be tipping them when they first arrived they still didn’t move any faster. I said it’s 4 of you all moving like 2 they replied more like 2 1/2 of us. I replied that not my problem your costing me money. In the end I tipped them not because of there service but because of the times we are in. Then when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. The man that answers there phone has yet to send me my receipt. It’s been over a week and he keeps saying that they are supper busy. I replied it takes 1 second to send me my receipt by email. I would not Recommend this company

    Antonio White
    December 09, 2019

    They were great when they got the business, but after the agreement the problems began. From not communicating arrivals and departure windows, to miscommunicating payment process (they had my credit card on file but demanded the receiver provide a credit card upon delivery- didn’t make sense nor did they properly communicate this in advance). Rather than course correct, they threatened to leave and charge us for more time and storage rather than try to be a professional business and fix it. As a business owner myself and someone who works frequently with movers, this left a negative taste in my mouth. If you work with this company, be sure to make sure you get in writing what the policies and procedures are because I doubt they will own their side of the issue when it comes down to it, nor will they work to make you satisfied.

    Matt Dixon
    May 22, 2020

    I had a terrible customer experience with this company today, very unprofessional and rude service over the phone, the guy even hung up on me. I recently used Tri-State to move my business assets. They quoted us 159 dollars an hour plus an additional 159 travel fee. I was told that before unloading our property at the destination I would need to pay an estimated charge for the whole move which would be refunded if the move took less time. Initially the crew estimated an additional 6 hours to unload, making the total move time 11 hours and charge 1900. I agreed and paid on the grounds I would be refunded if they finished sooner. They finished within 8 hours and as they were leaving I asked to have the refund issued and I was told by the crew that they do that from the main office and I should see it in a day or two. I trusted that and let the crew leave. The refund never came through, I contacted their office and was told to wait another day or two and in the mean time I would be emailed an itemized invoice. That never came. I waited a week and contacted them again, this time I was told they would need to speak with the driver and figure out what I was charged for and they would get back to me the following week. I again waited. When I called today I allotted for an extra two days time and still never received the invoice or the refund. The person on the phone took a very unprofessional standing and attitude towards me from the start of the call. Asked me to clarify why I thought the charge was incorrect, told me I should have already seen an itemized bill, told me that the “charge would need to be investigated before they could refund it” they should have been working on this since the job had been completed as per their own policy, not after two weeks and three phone calls. The man on the phone wouldn’t stop interrupting me as I was trying to explain the situation, answer his questions when he couldn’t seem to understand what I was saying. I asked him to stop interrupting me so I could explain and help him understand. He refused and told me I “had already explained several times and he didn’t understand so stop” I told them they were holding our money inappropriately and it shouldn’t take this long to issue a simple refund based on actual time worked, and that’s when he took the rudeness to the next level, insisted that it “isn’t your money any more, you paid it to us so it’s ours, maybe some of it can be refunded but it’s not your money. We’ve got this thing called the COVID crisis happening so things are taking longer, did you know about this crisis? You just need to wait, and maybe we’ll refund some of our money to you” I’ve never been talked to like this ever. I own a customer service oriented business and this is NOT how you treat people. I remained calm and asked how long from now would it take considering the time it has already taken for them to “investigate” and refund our payment, he said next Tuesday again. At this point I wasn’t happy with being told to wait another week to maybe receive our refund, and that the crisis is the exact reason we need that refund, and began asking if he could do any thing to expedite the situation since I had already been waiting and hadn’t received so much as a simple invoice, he began interrupting me again, And when I once again asked him to stop he hung up on me and stoped answering the phone line. I attempted to call their other offices and their corporate line listed on their website to no avail and it appeared that all the numbers lead to the same line and likely the same guy. The voice mail box was generic with no company name “the person you are calling is unavailable....” I was happy with the job up until this point. The crew they sent was on time, did the job well and finished earlier than estimated. But I’m deeply unhappy with the treatment and time it has taken to issue a simple refund. I don’t recommend using this business or at the very least don’t pay them anything before the job is completed, they can’t be trusted.

    James Doyle
    July 13, 2020

    The team did a great job! Professional, careful, and efficient.

    TriState Moving and Storage – Movers and Packers Washington Dc

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