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Reju Nail Spa

7611 Crain Hwy, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772, USA

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    Whitney Food Adventures
    September 21, 2021

    I'm not sure if i want to share this review because I don't need this place to get even busier. But this is my go to place for nails. If you're someone like me that just wants a relaxing pedicure, no need for fancy designs, then this is a great place. They take their time and I like the there is actual space between you and other customers. Would recommend

    Anthony Jones
    September 19, 2020

    Got pedicure max

    Mikhaela Mari
    July 27, 2021

    I went to go get my acrylics off so that I can give my natural nails a break. The lady proceeded to pry the acrylics off of my nails and cut so deep, along with my skin, I bled on my thumb. She noticed way before I did but proceeded to work on my other finger until I noticed that my thumb hurt and when I pulled my thumb towards me I told her it was bleeding to which she just said “oh” and got ointment and slapped it on to just then continue prying the acrylics off of my hand. This time I asked her why she’s not soaking the acrylics off as she should have and her response is was “This is to take them off faster.” She saw my reaction and immediately got a bowl and filled it with acetone to then proceeded to dunk my hands in them. Mind you, My thumb is already bleeding. SHE PLANNED TO SOAK AN OPEN WOUND ON ACETONE! Not only was that bad enough. But she immediately left me unattended. I had to leave. This is a violation of safety and courtesy of a client. Now reflecting back at it, I never saw her sanitize any of the instruments she used. God forbid, something were to happen to my finger nor my hand or my health because of their unsanitary practice, I am pressing charges!

    Tiffany Valentine
    July 31, 2021

    I decided to go there even though their reviews weren't the best. My daughter & I walked in and they greeted us, we told them twice we were there to get TWO full sets, they start on my daughter as I waited, after my daughter was finished I went to sit in the nail techs chair and he looked at me like "what are you doing?". He proceeded to argue with me telling me I said I wanted 1full set when I know they heard me say 2 because they repeated it back to me. How are you going to argue with me when I know what I said and know what I came to get! Needless to say I got my full set and they had to stay past closing. I would NEVER go back. Now I fully understand why they have the reviews they have. They're horrible and very unprofessional!! Save yourself the trip, your time & your money, it's definitely not wort it and they certainly do NOT deserve your hard earned money!!

    Nicole Wade
    February 04, 2021

    The place is very clean and looks aesthetically pleasing. Since Covid their prices have sky-rocketed for basic services that you can get else-where. The lady that owns the shop is very friendly, but to up-charge everyone “due to Covid” is crazy in my opinion, especially when prices are already higher compared to local salons.

    Reju Nail Spa

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    7611 Crain Hwy, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772, USA


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