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    Sue Mosher
    November 29, 2021

    Many homeowners will recognize our predicament at being stuck between the rock and the hard place in trying to get home repairs done at a reasonable cost in a reasonable time. Our own experience over the years has included the good, the bad, and sometimes a blend of both. Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is just finding someone who will even consider taking on a home repair. Thus we were grateful when Painter Roofing and Construction responded to our contact and sent a representative to inspect the three repair projects we hoped they might help us with. However, their representative soon made it apparent that they were at best interested in only one – the repair of some damaged fascia boards, and possibly roof beams and roofing above them. The pre-estimate inspection could be called cursory as the estimator never left the ground to go up a ladder and inspect the damaged area more closely. When we received the estimate, we found it at the upper end of what we hoped would be the cost of the repair and there were no proposed costs for labor or for materials – simply the flat fee for the job. Subsequent telephone and email exchanges elaborated that the proposed cost represented a worst case and that this would be modified downward as the actual costs of the repair were determined. Somewhat reassured and with no real other option, we agreed. The work crew was great, working quickly and effectively to identify and remove the damaged portions of fascia board and determine what else needed replacement or repair. A few quick trips to obtain materials and the work was completely finished all in the one day. The crew also cleaned up after themselves. To our surprise and dismay, the first ‘final’ bill we received was for the same, full amount as the original proposal without any of the promised reductions to reflect actual costs. When we asked about this we were told that this was an administrative error and we could expect a corrected bill in following days. After several days, we did receive a new final bill for a reduced amount. As stated by Painter Roofing at the beginning, this included only the final total amount to be paid with no breakdown as to labor or material costs. Essentially, all of this was black-boxed by the company and we were not to have any such information. We duly paid the bill. As noted above, the work was done to our satisfaction and we got our repair completed. But I keep hearing a whisper from my Scottish ancestors ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’ Desperate situations sometimes call for desperate measures. Next time, we will be calling elsewhere. Your mileage may vary – or you too may be desperate enough to settle for this.

    todd novick
    October 20, 2021

    Frank and his team did a great job for our project. We had some leaky windows which required some professional caulking. Many of the windows are over 15 feet up from ground and they got them all well sealed. Will be using their services next time I need something. Highly recommended!

    Raymond Blanford
    November 19, 2021

    Our roof and gutters had several issues. The Painter staff resolved all of them, we believe. We didn't climb all over the roof like they did to check. We could see that four or five feet of trim along the edge of the roof had broken off and blown away. It was replaced and it is impossible to tell where the damage was (see attached picture). They completed the work in less time than estimated and we were very happy with the result.

    Murray Rupert
    May 02, 2021

    Painter Roofing installed a beautiful roof for us in 2018. During a recent heavy rainstorm we had a small leak due to some flashing issues around a chimney. I called Painter Roofing the next morning and they were there and all over it by early afternoon. Not only did they find the problem. they fixed it and then showed us photographs of the repair process. This was amazing service! I don’t do many reviews but this is a happy exception. Great company!

    karen gorman
    November 14, 2021

    Great job on our roofing and siding replacement.

    Painter Roofing and Construction LLC

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