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mezeh mediterranean grill (capitol heights)

9100 Alaking Ct, Capitol Heights, MD 20743, USA

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4.2 / 5

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    Latisha Jones
    September 09, 2021

    I came into mezeh today right before they were closing and I met the store’s new manager. Honestly I’m glad you got William now!! I’ve been a customer for the last three months and it has always been something with this location. But, my last three visits on this past two weeks have been my best!!! I’ve noticed how everything has been improving day by day, I’ve seen more staff too which actually makes getting my bowl faster. Today when I came in they had everything!! Not a single topping missing and everything look fresh and delicious, I appreciate William and the work he’s doing to make my experience and my friend’s better!!!

    Mary Carlton
    September 27, 2021

    The dishes are fresh and delicious. You can adjust your order to suit the day's craving. Today I felt like trying eggplant and loved it!!! The staff is amazing the gentlemen at the register and the lady on the line helped my mother and myself. I love mezeh and my mom enjoyed her time here too.

    Jennifer Velasquez
    July 14, 2021

    I had a great experience with this restaurant. Not only was the food good, but the service was great too. I had a women by the name of Dora who served me. And her attitude, even with the long line, was welcoming. It was my first time here and she gave me some food recommendations. Great service, and great food I will be stopping by more often!

    Madeline Broadnax
    October 23, 2021

    UPDATE: 10/21/21 CROSS CONTAMINATION and NOT SO FRESH. I arrived before the place opened. I watched as the food handler removed the prior day's food containers from the case. With her gloved hand, she scraped the remains of the prior day's food on top of the fresh food, and then patted it down. I watched, fascinated, as she continued this process with each item. It was not until she scooped her gloved hand into the Spicy Hummus, and added the old Hummus to the new batch that she stopped. Apparently, her glove at that point was too dirty to continue. She removed the glove. Why was the prior day's food being used if everything is fresh? Why did so much cross contamination take place? Why use your hand to scrape scraps on to fresh food? I cannot answer these question. I refuse to eat here. Nastiness! ______________ First Review The dishes are fresh and delicious. You can adjust your order to suit the day's craving. I go when my favorite crew is on duty. The place is new, and some of the staff have trouble understanding that cross contamination is a problem. For that reason, I cannot give the place 5 stars, but when my crew is on duty... I have enough for two meals when I order a bowl. The staff is friendly, clean, and orderly. My food is tasty. Get an order of Baklava for later. NO REGRETS!!

    Tamara Reyes
    August 06, 2021

    The ingredients are quality. However 2 out of 3 times ordering here, multiple items in the order were incorrect. Portions are completely unpredictable, too! Sometimes the bowl/ wrap is full. Other times it is barely half filled. Falafel amounts are not even kept the same when the same item is ordered. This restaurant really needs to more consistency and accuracy.

    mezeh mediterranean grill (capitol heights)

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    9100 Alaking Ct, Capitol Heights, MD 20743, USA


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