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    tommy brown
    November 19, 2020

    Thanks again Harris Electric you guys did a wonderful job. I highly recommend this company for all your electrical needs very professional.

    Lauren Xu
    July 28, 2021

    My electricity was knocked out by accident and I turned to Harris Electric. Mike Harris was responsive. It was a Friday afternoon and I was worried if he could be on time as I needed the front desk lady to help with the information of the building and it was almost the time she would leave. Mike came in a professional look with the headlight on. He quickly inspected the problem and solved it like a piece of cake. He was easy going and easy to have a conversation with. He gave me a discount even if it was an emergency call. I really appreciated he saved my weekend, or we might be in dark until Monday when the front desk is back to work. Good job, Mike! 🙂

    Chantal Snowden
    August 30, 2021

    This company came through for me when I had an electrical emergency, and it did not try to take advantage. I truly appreciate the integrity and honesty, as well as the skill and experience.

    Matrix RC
    June 22, 2021

    I needed some electrical service done to my home and I went through my home warranty company 2-10 Home Warranty. The warranty company selected Harris Electric in the DMV on June 6, 2021. Warranty company said Harris will contact you to schedule seevice. A week has gone by and no call. I put in another service request and I called the electric service company and spoke to them about setting up a schedule but that did not fall through. 2 more weeks have passed and I have another company who called me over the weekend to schedule service. Still waiting on them to call today of this review. Harris Electric called me this morning after I left a message nearly a weeks ago and said he had an open ticket and said he's flexible to come out today. I said okay I'm home. 3 hours later Two male person's approached my home claiming to work for Harris Electric with no uniform or badge displayed. One claimed he was Harris and that he was the owner of his company. The other male name was Chris who seem to be new but rather I had the sense he was trying to explain why they didn't have badges. And this is where it becomes interesting. I asked the two males if they can provide a badge or I.D to verify that they work for the company I spoke with over the phone or rather the company owner. Who I have no clue as to what he looks like. The male claiming to be the owner was wearing all black with a black mask looking like a ninja. And the other male dressed in shorts and gray and teal shoes with a 2-10 home warranty shirt. Which through me off a little because I didn't know 2-10 home warranty came out to service homes. I thought they worked behind a desk. He was carrying a pouch. The 2-10 Shirt male said he doesn't have a badge and never had to use one. And the one claiming that it's his company Harris Electric stopped him from speaking in a parenting manner and said "I don't have to show him my I.D.". And said he has a work order that will verify he's suppose to be here. And I said well the work order on your cracked phone tells me nothing if you cannot verify that you are who you are on the work order. You can be anyone with there phone. He said again I don't have to show you my I.D. I asked him what his first name was and he said " I don't have to give you my first name." At that point I knew they were not coming in my house. He just showed me a picture of a work order and he can not even say the full name on the paper work. He obviously is NOT who he says he is and if he is then his lost. Well I said your entering a LEO's home and I need to verify who you are. Unfortunately, if you can not prove your identity on the work order or if this is your company then I can not allow you, who are a stranger to enter my home. I said goodbye have a good day and he left. You can hear the tires spin out very softly in the rain as he left my residence. Apparently, he must feel some type of way but he has no one to blame but himself. He lost a potential payout and instead he is getting this review. I want to inform if anyone that is reading this or if Harris himself is reading this. I have the entire conversation recorded with video in color 4K HD thanks to Vivint and it shows the lack of professionalism that was displayed. And what Mr. Harris failed to realize that in this climate day in age. Certified companies entering a private home or establishment should have a workers badge or verify I.D. on the work order And I want to stress CERTIFIED COMPANIES. You can be certified and do your own work but Harris Electric was selected by 2-10 Home Warranty and if they are allowing freelancers under there umbrella with no company logo and no ethics then I must blame 2-10 Home Warranty. It is safety measure to reduce theft and violence in a person home from people claiming to work for a company and they are someone else. That's been a rule for years. So I will be doing my part to help Harris Electric if that's who he is to improve and protect others who need service by any certified company to be safe.

    Cathy Casto
    June 20, 2020

    Worst service I’ll never hire a Craig’s list electrician again

    Harris Electric Company

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